This whole thing is going to be a lot like Postcards For America. So you might want to check that out to see how it's gonna work.

1) Peruse the Itinerary section of this website and review the cities / places I am super sure I will visit. I have no real set schedule in any of these places.

2) Please create / find / design / conceptualize a 4x6 inch postcard you want me to print and leave somewhere along this preliminary itinerary. If you like, you can create multiple cards for many sites. Your cards can be images, text, or anything you like. You can source your images from anywhere. You can also give me a prompt or assignment to generate the content for your card. It's up to you. Go nuts.

3) Submit your image HERE or email and attach the image for your postcard and where you want it deposited. You can also get me your postcard images and info any other way you can manage.

I will print up to six (6) copies of each postcard, on matte card stock using a portable Cannon inkjet printer. Cards can be printed full-bleed (the image extending off the card) & full-color. If you don't specify any details for the reverse side of the card, I'll print black and white address, stamp, and message fields. Digital files should be at least 300dpi and if you want a full-bleed please make the bleed .125 inches.

If you have questions about this specification, wonder what dpi and bleed are, worry your image won't work, or experience any problems, please email me at Most images and ideas will work for this project. I will work to make your image work. If you know a bit about designing you can download TEMPLATES.


Tucker Neel 2016